Take the Project Wild Thing pledge

Cath Prisk:

As one of the founding partners of this campaign, can we encourage all #LoveOutdoorPlay partners to pledge to be a Wild Thing?!

And please pass it on… What can you do to Love Outdoor Play today and get wild in your own neighbourhoo0d?

Originally posted on Outdoor Nation:

A marketing campaign designed to persuade one million children to enjoy the benefits of Nature has been launched.

The UK-wide campaign is big, bold and innovative – to be seen on billboards, in maternity units and on screen. Running the campaign is filmmaker David Bond, who has appointed himself Marketing Director for Nature, in an attempt to advertise the benefits of nature to the nation.

“According to UNICEF we are raising the unhappiest kids in the developed world. Fewer than 10% of children play in wild places, compared with 50% a generation ago, kids roam far less and half of kids have been stopped from climbing trees, and 20% from playing conkers or tag.

“The lure of the indoors – with TV, the internet and computer games – is creating a generation that has no connection with the natural world. My kids are 3 and 5 and they scream if…

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5 Responses to “Take the Project Wild Thing pledge”
  1. clare Bryan says:

    Children’s Links play team have signed this pledge and added links from our web and facebook pages. Our projects get kids playing outdoors whatever the weather engaging with nature. Campaigns that can support parents to do the same – bring it on

  2. The Wild Thing campaign is perfect for Fort Apache – Exploring Nature play in Torquay .. the children love the freedom to play … we have signed this pledge and look forward to seeing all our freinds doing the same!

  3. Andy Grout says:

    Reblogged this on Milton Keynes Play Association and commented:
    We at MKPA are great advocates for outdoor play and think this is a brilliant idea – please sign the pledge.

  4. Andy Grout says:

    Andy Grout
    Great idea – as a play organisation (Milton Keynes Play Association – http://www.mkpa.co.uk ) we spend loads of our time enabling children to play outdoors and engage with their natural play spaces – we even have a play narrowboat! Happy to sign the pledge and encourage others to do so.

  5. Chris Nevis says:

    I am happy to be a”wild thing” particularly so close to “talk like a pirate day”

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