Are children safer playing outside or indoors?

Swainswick Explorers

Cath Prisk:

I love that the NSPCC has now weighed in on the importance of loving outdoor play!

Originally posted on Outdoor Nation:

‘Stranger danger’ is often identified as a barrier to children spending more time outdoors unaccompanied, but, writes Chris Cloke, the NSPCC’s Head of Child Protection Awareness, a new NSPCC report published last week indicates that children are at greater risk of meeting someone who might harm them through the internet or by mobile phone than they are on the street or at the park.

For today’s generation of children the idea of spending long summer days playing outside may be a distant dream and they are more likely to be roaming an online world than out and about in our streets, parks and countryside.

This lack of freedom is often blamed on parent’s perceptions of risk. The National Trust’s Natural Childhood report and the resultant Inquiry both identified ‘stranger danger’ as a key barrier to children spending more time outdoors unaccompanied. Although we shouldn’t downplay the awful occasions where children…

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