Why a sticker?

There are lots of organisations, companies and individuals doing outstanding work to get more people playing outdoors. Many that are supporting this campaign work on developing deep policies, running play ranger schemes and developing new equipment.

In this campaign all we are asking anyone to do is put up a Love Outdoor Play symbol in your window. This simple action will do a number of things:

Firstly you are taking action and standing up for outdoor play (this is good for children and so it should make you feel good too).

Secondly you are showing your community that you think children being outdoors is a good thing (this is great as so many parents are worried about what their community thinks of them) which may mean more children will be allowed out to play. A very good thing.

Finally you may just start a much bigger conversation on your street about the importance of play and what can be done in your community to make it better for children. This would be outstanding.

On our supporters page Alice describes how her community is developing ways of getting more kids playing outdoors:

“In Bristol we are trying to re-ignite a culture of street play through organising short, after-school ‘Playing Out’ events, with road closures stewarded by parents. We would love this idea to go viral and evolve. We’re aiming to launch our website by the end of September, which will provide inspiration and instructions for anyone interested in doing this in their own street. Watch this space!”

Perhaps asking someone to put up a sticker will help this virus to spread.

If you can’t afford the £10 or more to contribute to our crowd funding scheme you can simply print off the symbol and make your own sign of support. Otherwise please do chip in £10, £20 or even £200 pounds to the crowd fund and we will send you a proportionate number of stickers. At the moment you will get around 15 stickers for £10, but you are likely to get much more than that!


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