Stickers, stickers, stickers!

Get in your local newspaper!In this campaign we are asking you to do one thing: put up stickers.

The Love Outdoor Play symbol is under a a creative commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. This simple means that as long as you don’t make profit from the logo and you leave our web address on it you can use it for anything you like.

Ideally we would love you to help with the community/crowd funding of a big print run. The way printing works the more stickers we print the cheaper they become. Help with the crowd print and you will get your stickers next month.

If you have links to business who would be interested in supporting our first print run with a hefty donation please do get in contact.

If you can’t wait until October you can simply grab our design and make your own stickers. Either print them at home or use an online or local printer.

Top 5 Love Outdoor Play actions to take now!

1. Community fund Love Outdoor Play stickers to put up in your community

2. Ask businesses and individuals to invest in campaign stickers. We will add them to everyone’s delivery!

3. Ask your local newspaper to print the Love Outdoor Play symbol along with a story

4. Become a Love Outdoor Play ambassador for your country or region.

5. Go outside and play!

If you have any news or success stories let us know and we will share it here.


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