A Love Outdoor Play month?

It’s been suggested that maybe we could have a Love Outdoor Play hour, day, week or month… perhaps in April as it is spring and a great time to being thinking about free range play.  What does anyone think – Good idea?

Love Outdoor Play logo

3 Responses to “A Love Outdoor Play month?”
  1. Joanne Atkins says:


    Great idea!

    I think Love Outdoor Play Week. Lots of opportunities for schools and communities to organise activities promoting outdoor play.
    Also Spring is a lovely time to get outdoors.

    Joanne Atkins
    Nature Bugs
    Outdoor Parent and Toddler Groups

  2. Jo Phillips says:


    The Green Hour is very popular in the States and this is implemented in schools as part of the citizenship curriculum. In fact there are lots of campaigns in the States that could act as good models for what we are trying to achieve over here.

    Its exciting stuff and I for one am looking forward to it!

    Jo Phillips
    Country Parks Education

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