Have your stickers arrived yet?

Thank you very, very, very much to everyone who helped to crowd fund a wonderful print run of Love Outdoor Play stickers.Being the first to do anything always involves taking a little risk and we thank everyone for putting their trust in us.

Here is Mushroom my cat ignoring one of the new indoor static stickers.

A total of £270 was raised for the first print run and after paying for postage and PayPal fees we managed to buy 390 stickers, 240 designed to go indoors and another 150 waterproof ones to go outdoors. On average each person got around 22 stickers which is fantastic. There is about £40 left from this first print run which will go into the next one (closing date is 1st November).

When your stickers arrive please do share some photo’s and stories of how you are using them!

Finally a very special thanks goes to Pili Pala (ethical) Childrenswear who gave a friendly donation this time around. You can check them out by clicking on their logo. Thank you Pili Pala!

One Response to “Have your stickers arrived yet?”
  1. alex says:

    will wait for postman with baited breath tomorrow! About 22 stickers you say! yippee!

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