Love Outdoor Play: Spring Action

For those of us in the upper northern half of planet Earth the nights are getting colder and darker by the day. In 5 months time Spring will be upon us, days will be warmer, longer and full of new lives popping into the world. For earthlings in temperate climates April is the month in which the ‘freerange curve’ rises sharply and everything becomes busy and active.

That’s why we are picking April as a starting point to hatch freerange plans that can grow into the summer and leading up to Play Day on August 3rd 2011.

Our strategy is simple. To create massive visible community of support for outdoor play. To make this happen we need as many individuals, businesses and local authorities as possible to wear the Love Outdoor Play symbol from April 2011.

If you have connections into any public facing organisations who may be interested in supporting this Spring Action please encourage them to join this effort.


The next deadline for community funded stickers is the 31st of January

4 Responses to “Love Outdoor Play: Spring Action”

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  3. Alice says:

    Web address is: http//

  4. Alice says:

    Excellent idea. We will also be supporting another series of ‘Playing Out’ after-school road closures in Bristol in the spring. If anyone anywhere in the country wants to join in with this please do. Just visit our website for advice and inspiration and bring play to your street!

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