Everyday impacts..

A few days ago I posted asking for any stories about how fellow outdoor play campaigners are using their Love Outdoor Play stickers and symbols. Here are a few responses:

“I have two stickers on my car so I know it’s mine and stands out subtly from the crowd of cars in a carpark. I also guide participants on my courses to my car by telling them it’s the one with the “Love Outdoor Play” sticker on it.” Juliet (aka Creative STAR)

“My Love Outdoor play sticker is on the front of my laptop and creates quite a bit of interest .. I was the envy of my colleagues when I turned up at a meeting with some spares, and sent one to a collegue who had been out playing and had a mishap and is now in Plaster – get well soon Ingrid! Others are on the doors and windows of the Plymouth Play Association and scrapstore…. And there are stickers to be seen on my car as I travel across the SW region, supporting Play … Oh and finally I have a sticker on my van that is being converted into a camper as we speak .. ready for an adventure!! outdoors of course.” Jane

“I have it on the website for my after school club and it links directly to your page. When I have some funds I’ll order some stickers and display them in my car and at our setting. Love it.” Ally

Thank you very much Juliet, Jane and Ally!

Do you have any stories of photos? Have you been around your street asking neighbours what they think? Let us know.




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