Write a guest post on outdoor play..

We are looking for supporters to write guest posts on outdoor play, here on Love Outdoor Play. Posts can be on one of a number of themes including:

  • I love outdoor play because.. (a personal reflection)
  • We love outdoor play because.. (an organisation’s point of view)
  • Making outdoor play happen (ideas, tips, this campaign and practice for increasing outdoor play)
  • XXXX.. loves outdoor play (celebrating best practice)
  • XXXX.. hates outdoor play (exposing bad practice)
  • No Ball Games (instructions for playing a game.. where No Ball Games are allowed)

You can write as few as 100 words, but 300 would be great. To share your post with us simply complete this form. We will get back to you if there are any problems.

One Response to “Write a guest post on outdoor play..”
  1. We love outdoor play because the possibilities are endless for all ages! Everything and anything can inspire for that days lessons :0) This afternoon we made pinecone feeders for our neighborhood birds, simply because we found some cones, and felt the birds must be hungry 🙂 My group of 2 year olds had the most fun!

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