Playing Out on ITV1

The mood in the media appears to be constantly supportive of increased outdoor play. In this first of three special programmes on ITV in the UK, Julie Etchingham states in her report that children need the time and space to play outdoors. She goes on to reveal that in an especially commissioned poll on Mumsnet 78% of respondents say that children don’t play outdoors enough.

The ‘Playing Out‘ project started by Alice Ferugson and Amy Rose is highlighted in the programme as the great practice it is, but it’s great to hear the point made that this is part of the journey and not the solution. We need to build confidence for children to enjoy outdoor play without all the organisation that is currently needed to get things jump started.

As the childhood expert and Love Outdoor Play supporter states in the programme “children are not free-ranged, they are battery-reared”. We have heard enough of these stories in the press now, in the playground and at dinner parties people know the issues… it’s time to step out, act and simply open our doors.

To watch the programme click here. The section on outdoor play is from 08:42.

4 Responses to “Playing Out on ITV1”
  1. It’s great the programme did focus on the Playing Out street idea – nice to see positive action. I think the video on the Playing Out website is great – really conveys the spirit of the event.

  2. homemadekids says:

    The two mums from Bristol were so inspiring – closing off their road for a bit of car-free play for the local kids. I’d love to do that where I live, just need to get myself organised (or team up with someone else interested).

    • Alice says:

      Hi Homemadekids. We’d be very happy to provide support – practical and moral – if you want to do it. It’s really not that hard! Having an ally on your street would help but if you decide to go alone you may well find people being more supportive than you think. Have a look at our website and get in touch if you want to: http// Good luck!

  3. Alice says:

    The programme overall had a bit of a ‘doom and gloom’ feel, but as Dan says, it did make the point that today’s children need to get out and play more. I feel the time is ripe now to both take grassroots action and put political pressure on government to do something about the situation. We need to reverse the situation where cars have taken precedence over children.

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