25 Love Outdoor Play stickers for £10

The Love Outdoor Play symbol shows children and families that they are in a place that welcomes outdoor play. By putting up our little green heart you are helping to create a visible community of support for outdoor play. The sticker is a clear sign that local people understand the importance of outdoor play and that the ‘risks’ of giving children more freedom is far outweighed by the benefits.

This movement to create more time, space and freedom for children is growing rapidly with a wide range of national organisations running major campaigns. In the UK  the Sustrans, Play England, Arla and the National Trust to name four are all investing significant resources in getting more children outdoors.

What makes Love Outdoor Play special is that it works on so many different scales. It’s about putting the symbol in your own front window, knocking on the doors of people who live on your street, contacting your local paper, a council using it on street furniture or a national organisation printing it on their products. Pure visibility is not the main aim. What we are most interested in is all the conversations that need to take place so that the symbol can appear on blogs, cars and products.. and then those conversations that push the movement forward further as a result of seeing the symbol.

The absence of children playing on many of our streets and in scores of our parks makes this issue virtually invisible. It’s time to make this issue more visible.

The deadline for joining the next community print run of stickers is the 31st of January 2011. Here is how it currently stands:

Crowd order vinyl outdoor stickers: £10 buys you 25 stickers

Crowd order indoor static stickers: £10 buys you 16 stickers

More people + more contributions + more investment = larger print run and more stickers for everyone!

Get your stickers here now.

If you are a business and would like to make a significant contribution please let us know.

One Response to “25 Love Outdoor Play stickers for £10”
  1. Jill Mays says:

    Who would have thought we would need a website to discuss the need for outdoor play!!!
    Thanks for shedding light on the wonders of outdoor play!

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