Latest supporters: Arla, Grounds for Learning and Playing Out

It is always a real pleasure to hear from people and organisations that want to support Love Outdoor Play. The most recent three are very different types of organisation that want the same thing.. kids to have more opportunity to play outdoors.

Arla foods are behind Cravendale milk, Anchor butter and other famous dairy products. This massive European company has committed itself to finding ways to getting children ‘closer to nature’ and are doing a wide range of  cutting edge work this year. They have recently launched the Kids Closer to Nature website where you can apply for community grants and sign-up to be notified when their Nature Adventure Club for kids starts up. They’ve got more in store later in the year too.

Grounds for Learning is a charity that helps Scottish children “connect with nature, become more active, learn outdoors, develop social skills and have fun”. They are doing lots of exciting work from facilitating play in woodlands during break time at schools to showing how natural play can take place in urban settings.

Playing Out has been mentioned on this blog before. It’s an inspirational story and project that has come out of a street in Bristol. Led by Alice and Amy, this grass-roots effort has led to their street being closed on a regular basis so that children can play more easily with their neighbours. It’s had a fantastic impact and they have created a website with lots of tips and advice on following in their footsteps.

The outdoor play movement is growing and can be seen at a range of scales, types of place within many organisations. Let’s keep the pace and numbers growing.

Have you got your Love Outdoor Play stickers yet? The next deadline is the 31st of January.. order here now!

Pictures are from a bike ride I had with my son in the summer. Nature meets M4.



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