700 stickers for 700 houses?

Thank you very much to the 20 individuals and organisations who contributed to the most recent community print run. The order has gone and we should have stickers in a week or so from now. A very big thanks to Diginate who are printing the stickers and gave us an extra 20% free. You can use the code OUTDOORPLAY to claim the same discount on check out if you need any stickers.

In the end those who contributed to the indoor print run will get 26 stickers for every £10 invested while those who went for outdoor stickers will get 40. Outdoor stickers are cheaper to print and that is the main reason why those people will get more.

A total of 700 stickers have been ordered, 310 more than last time. It would be great to know where they end up..

The next print deadline will be the 31st of March. Let’s make it a big one.

Thanks and let’s keep this moving!


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