No Ball Games? Help us create a new book!

On the side of walls or sticking out in the middle of parks everyone has seen a  ‘no ball games’ sign. Clearly some are there for very good reasons… others are just grumpy and may as well say ‘children not welcome’. Luckily most games don’t involve balls and we are looking for people to help us create a book of some of the best ones.

Do you have a game you don’t need a ball for? Well we want to see it.

With Love Outdoor Play we use community power to print and distribute stickers to jump start conversations about play. The aim with No Ball Games is to use the same spirit to create a book called…. No Ball Games.  A kind of cookbook of recipes for kids, parents and play professionals to claim and enjoy public spaces using games without balls. Old games are good, as are modern games and subverted traditional ones.

We plan for it to be a printed book available in proper shops (details to be finalised… we probably have a publisher but we could do it all ourselves) and all the author royalties (100% and forever) will be invested in projects that promote outdoor play. Some illustrator royalties will come off for Tom (who has illustrated Mission:Explore with us).

There is a very good chance your idea will end up in the book. Before your game is published we will ask you to sign an ‘author’ agreement which will basically say that we can use your suggestion, that you have used your own words and that you agree that any royalties or other income from the book can be invested in projects that promote outdoor play for eternity (or until it is no longer possible). Everyone will be credited for their submission, even if it’s not included.

To take part please just click here.


Design your own street. A mission from the next book in the Mission:Explore series.. "Mission:Explore Travel"


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