Caged play

We went out after school on Friday to shoot this short film. It was a little too easy to not get any other children in the video.



The idea by behind this short video is that too many children are stuck indoors. Instead of being ‘free-range’ they are more, as Tim Gill has said, more ‘battery reared’. We could have made this by showing a child caged indoors, but I felt that showing a child in an ‘out of place’ way in places that they should be ‘in place’ more exposes the point with greater contrast: children should have the opportunity to play outdoors more.

5 Responses to “Caged play”
  1. umatji says:

    great! sad how it was easy to keep other kids out of the shoot. hmm.

  2. Alice says:

    Great film. Have put link on ‘Playing Out’ facebook group (which everyone is invited to join!

  3. nicola baird says:

    I like this film very much, and if you did add sound (birds, keyboards, music, whatever works for you) it will be even better. I showed it to my 10 year old and she said why did you have to show me…. uncomfortable truths eh?! nicola

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  1. […] Tackling the way we increasingly cage our children is Daniel over at Love Outdoor Play. He’s made a cunningly short film (less than 2 mins) to help us think about whether the caged life is the one we want for our kids – and whether this is good for the kids. I recommend you watch it,  see here. […]

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