Call to action! Do Some Good and help map places to play

I am really pleased to say that Orange is launching a new iPhone app today which includes the ability to map and rate places to play. There is currently no national picture of places for children to play and together with our partners at Play England we are looking to build a national play map.

Love Outdoor Play is about creating visible communities of support for play and that is exactly what this app helps to do. By actively mapping where is good and where is not so good for play many children, parents and decision makers can help to improve outdoor play for us all. We’re hoping this effort will also help increase conversations about play in communities around the UK and result in more children being able to play outdoors.

We need as many people as possible to start mapping places to play. Taking part is easy. Just follow these steps.

1. Visit

2. Download the iPhone app (if you haven’t got an iPhone, borrow one!)

3. Start mapping by doing the short survey for each location.

We want to map anywhere that is playable (a place where children can play) and it available to the public.

For this to be successful we need lots of people to take part and volunteer. Mapping somewhere to play only takes a couple of minutes. Please help to spread the word!

For more details visit the Do Some Good website or the Orange newsroom. You will be hearing more from us on this blog over coming days.

A number of key organisations backed the bid to have the ‘play map’ feature on the app devleoped by Orange. Thanks to API Play, Sustrans, The Children’s Centre, Hull City Council, London Play and PlayBoard NI.

3 Responses to “Call to action! Do Some Good and help map places to play”
  1. nicola baird says:

    Genius, good work all! nicola

  2. umatji says:

    how great! ihope that lots of odd spots get noted and then millions more appear. I love places that have enough natural stuff to do serious building but that is super rare except in good bush.

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