Got 5 minutes? Help to create a national map of places to play in the UK

We are looking for as many people as possible to help us map places to play in the UK. We’re going to use the map to show where is good to play and why. It will also be used to try and improve places for outdoor play. The map will be an outstanding resource for children, parents, carers and decision makers.

If you’ve got (access to) an iPhone mapping a place for play is easy. Thanks to work we have done with Orange and Play England you can use the new and free Do Some
app to map, rate and comment on places you have visited.

On the app your will find volunteering actions you can do for a range of charities, but scroll down to the Play Map action to support this effort to map all the play areas in the UK.

To download the app and to start mapping places to play just click here.

9 Responses to “Got 5 minutes? Help to create a national map of places to play in the UK”
  1. Chris snell says:

    yep, that would be good. The best way would be through Play England, failing that I could give it a go.



  2. Chris snell says:

    Like most councils, we have a load of play sites that are aleady mapped on our GIS mapping system. Is there a clever way we could link or send data to you? I’m sure lots of other councils could do this as well.

    Chris – Hul City Council

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks Chris. The simple answer is not yet for linking but we are working on it. We hope to build an integrated solution which will mean 1 person (or council) can map a location and then others can rate/comment on it… but we are not there yet. As a positive there is something great about mapping in this way – that comes from the grassroots.

      Outside of an ‘integrated’ approach I could share the back-end CSV/Excel template with you and you could then copy any relevant data into this? This would work for getting locations mapped even if not rated for now. Is there a good way to get this passed around the councils?

      Thanks Chris.

  3. Daniel says:

    I don’t know! They say they will have it on other platforms soon… I’ll let you know when I do. You just need to beg or borrow an iPhone (<:

  4. Magpiestear says:

    so when is the app available on other platforms like android? Can’t help map out playspace until it is !

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