Could you lead Love Outdoor Play?

We love outdoor play and that’s why we started this campaign. It’s growing and doing well but some of our other work on play.. like this and like this… are taking up so much of our time that we are not paying this campaign enough attention. We will always support it.. but the time has come to ask if anyone would like to take a lead on it.

If you are interested please reply to this post. Many thanks. Daniel.

5 Responses to “Could you lead Love Outdoor Play?”
  1. Hello,

    Just came accross this and think it sounds great! I am getting in touch with you from the North East of Scotland where me and my friend run a social enterprise (not for profit) organisation called earthtime ( where outdoor play and exploration features heavily! Would love to hear more about what you guys do and love outdoor play? Our e-mail address is, thanks Laura

  2. Bryn says:

    What is required? Willing to give it a go.

  3. umatji says:

    I would like to start a conception to school site which is over 50% outdoor until the kids are about 3 and then pretty much 100% outdoor until they are 7.
    Have you seen this?

  4. umatji says:

    would love to – just on the wrong continent. have forwarded it to a friend who happens to be on the right continent (for now) who loves community development and outdoor play.

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