Help to protect 2,012 outdoor spaces by the end of 2012

Kathryn Cook from Fields in Trust has been in contact about their fantastic effort to help save playing fields across the UK. Over 2012 they plan to protect 2,012 fields and they need our help to do it. In their own words (and that of the Duke of Cambridge) this is what it’s all about and how you can help…


Save a space for me!

If you like getting out into the fresh air, having a kick about in your local park or just seeing a bit of green space then mark this date in your diary! On 18 October, for four weeks only, you can visit and show your support for your local green spaces., search for your favourite places or see which ones you like a look of and with one click, you can show you support them.

So get ready for 18 October and get clicking to say ‘Save a Space for Me!’.

“The Challenge is a really exciting project that is aiming to protect 2,012 outdoor recreational spaces by the end of 2012. This will build a tangible, living legacy for both HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics. They can be anywhere public that you relax and enjoy yourself – parks, playing fields, coastal walks, bike trails, playgrounds…. the list is long! If you want to see whether any spaces have been put forward for protection near you, visit and put your postcode into the search. Whether you’re a keen outdoorsy person, or like spending the odd afternoon in the local park with your family, then get involved with their Challenge. As the Duke of Cambridge, who is patron of the Challenge says..

“The Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge is ambitious but much needed. It will require the support of sporting bodies, local authorities and, most importantly, the British people in local communities up and down the country. I am certain the Fields will bring lasting benefit to countless individual lives.”



One Response to “Help to protect 2,012 outdoor spaces by the end of 2012”
  1. This is a great and worthwhile project. Every area needs outdoor play spaces. great work

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