Love Outdoor Play – Handing over..

We in The Geography Collective launched Love Outdoor Play just over a year ago. In that time the campaign has gone from strength to strength.  A wide range of individuals, experts, charities and companies have come together under a single manifesto and call for more outdoor play. Among many highlights (including Orange creating an app for us and Play England to map places to play… and ordering hundreds of stickers to put up in street windows)  one that stands out most for me is the work of Chris Gregory on the Isle of Man who organised for the LOP logo to appear on the back of nearly 200,000 milk cartons on the island.

We recently announced that we were going to hand the campaign over to new hands as our work has expanded. We’ve been busy developing a new version of Mission:Explore, our website for creating challenges and explorations for children to complete. If you are a play charity or not-for-profit we will be very pleased to give you a free account to create missions.. just ask. We’re also really excited to be working on Mission:Explore Food, a new alternative and playful cookbook that we are creating, will be launching at the Hay Festival in 2012 and crowd funding here.

We will still be involved in Love Outdoor Play and working to increase the number of children who have access to high quality outdoor play, learning and experiences… but the management of this campaign is moving on.

The next post will explain all… and it’s very exciting news indeed.

As a final note I’d like to remind you to remember the importance of geography. Ultimately children being able to play outdoors is all about geography. From exciting places to build dens and safe places to cross roads to parental assessment of local risks to managing to close streets.. thinking, acting and educating geographically on a hyper-local level is crucial to increasing the number of children that have the freedom to enjoy and learn from play outdoors.

On behalf of The Geography Collective and myself I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us and Love Outdoor Play over the last year (or so). Without your trust, skill, enthusiasm and drive the campaign would have never worked.

Thank you and in 2012 let’s change the landscape of outdoor play for the better.


One Response to “Love Outdoor Play – Handing over..”
  1. Thanks for all your enthusiasm – the simplicity of the message is great too.

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