Love Outdoor Play in action!

Swainswick ExplorersGiving a little of our time and skills to further a cause we believe in is one way we can get involved and make a change. In the past, showing our support for a campaign or volunteering often meant committing a significant amount of our time, but the digital revolution has helped diversify opportunities and create the concept of micro-volunteering; small actions taken by many to help make a big difference. This wide spectrum of social action – from taking a few minutes to complete an action through your mobile phone, to embarking on a long-term volunteer placement over a number of months, is at the heart of the Love Outdoor Play campaign.

Last week for Valentine’s Day, we asked everyone to take action to promote the campaign across their social media platforms and by sending their local MPs and Councillors a card, letter or email asking them to Love Outdoor Play. The response was fantastic. Around 100 people displayed the Love Outdoor Play symbol to show their support, and we already know of many others who contacted their local decision makers too – if you did, please let us know if you got a response.  We know that lots of you are taking action to support children’s play. If you are, we would love you to tell us about it here.

As the campaign unfolds, we aim to provide everyone with the opportunity to get involved and show how they Love Outdoor Play. This will range from inviting supporters to write guest blog posts on how they have made a difference to children’s to play,  to matching volunteers with local play projects and helping them run successful volunteer schemes. You can keep up-to-date with all the latest campaign news and developments by following this blog and joining us on Facebook and Twitter.

The feedback and support we’ve received for the campaign over the past few weeks has been brilliant. Thanks to everyone who has been involved so far, we look forward to continuing to work together in the future to make sure more children can play out more often.

One Response to “Love Outdoor Play in action!”
  1. Salman says:

    Outdoor game is very needed for little children, they should be encouraged to spend time outside their home, or more precisely from their TV or computer.

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