How can outdoor play work with the arts??

Do you think children and young people (& their families) in after-school clubs, holiday playschemes, adventure playgrounds, forest schools or toy libraries could be driving forces behind community arts projects? Would you like to see kids in Bradford and Luton writing plays, performing dance or staging their own exhibitions or festivals? And then graduating to getting involved in circus, film or art in other ways?

I and a number of my existing and new partners in the Free Time Consortium (web page to be updated with new members names!) definitely think so, so have been looking at the Arts Council’s funding for ‘Creative People and Places‘. They don’t want a national bid, even one with locally based community driven partners, but they do like the idea of local play organisations putting themselves forward to be part of the emerging local consortia.

If you think you’d like to be involved in this sort of programme locally – and you are in one of the named areas (see the guidance appendix) then you can register your interest today here, or see who else has and – if you have an appropriate partner locally – then get in touch with them later. Please let us know if you do!

We’d like to develop the ‘Free Time Consortium hub’ (being built) into this and future programmes as a place we can all share training, experience, skills and knowledge, ensuring we can all get better at getting more children outside playing more often.

Bit of a different post this, but I was wracking my brains how to let everyone know quickly as the closing date is in just two weeks for the first round, so I hope those not interested in funding won’t mind  and could maybe help by passing this on to a local play organisation that hasn’t thought about arts funding in this way.

Hope you enjoy this weekend’s glorious weather, and do check out Play England’s Playmap if you want inspiration for somewhere to play outside!

2 Responses to “How can outdoor play work with the arts??”
  1. Ben Ward says:

    Not one area in the South West! What a shame World Jungle would have loved to have applied for this.

  2. Mel McCree says:

    I’ve thought this for a long time Cath. Good post. One key thing is that arts practitioners skills need to be valued properly, not just by pay but by giving the projects adequate time. There are lots of ‘helicopter’ style projects where artists fly in and out. Long term impact and quality takes time. So the question is what can make this sustainable?

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