Play Torbay Loving Outdoor Play…

So glad to have this wonderful guest post from Tanny Stobart from Play Torbay on the day that the National Trust also is calling on everyone to get involved in getting more children to play outside more often – what better way than helping your local play association this Easter?

Play Torbay is doing ‘Love Outdoor Play’ this Easter,

quietly building a new model army of volunteers along the way;

  • Exploring Nature at Yarner Woods,
  • Wild Rocks at the Seashore Centre,
  • FUNKY Friday the 13th at the Torquay Museum where young film makers are volunteering to make a playful advert for the museum,
  • bag packing at Sainsbury’s and…

We’re taking Love Outdoor Play to the nth degree and camping, yes you heard right, camping at Easter in Devon – and it’s not the first time – but this bit is:

  • Children, volunteers and staff from 3 adventure playgrounds perched on 3 hillsides in the 3 towns that make up Torbay are coming together for a ‘Swallows and Amazons’ adventure involving; an epic journey canoeing across the sea, den building in the woods, beach craft and a beach bivvy on a beautiful Brixham beach and then a long trek supported by Bay Walk Volunteers and if we’re very lucky a music making lollipop lady, across a coastal urban landscape to Indigos Go Wild to figure out how the bell tents work and to meet our special guests.
  • Famous in these parts for taking the stories played out on computers, Playstation and X box, games like Runescape and Dungeons and Dragons, and giving them life in the outdoors, the Brixham Berzerkers and their fearless friends from the adventure playgrounds are going to use LARPING (live action role play) together with games, stories, spring boards and fascination traps to help animate the classic tale of children’s adventure.

As dusk settles we will snuggle up by the fire to watch the 1974 EMI movie of Arthur Ransome’s immortal book ‘Swallows and Amazons’ by moonlight before heading, stumbling or crawling back to our tents for the night (presuming we managed to figure out how to put them up!).

As well as this epic adventure we’ve also got Nature Play at Fort Apache.  Where we will be playing, exploring, making and cooking in the Fort Apache woodland. Activities may include bush-craft, rope swinging, fire lighting, campfire cooking, mini beast hunting, mud painting and natural jewellery making and lots of other natural arts and craft!

Fort Apache only exists when people are there, it only works because people get involved, every week people young and old(er) help create space to play; they pick up the litter, put up a swing, build a den, find firewood, make a curry for everyone to eat, make a spoon on the shaving horse to stir the curry, make some music for everyone to hear, make a fool of themselves sliding down the bank on their bottoms and for those 5 hours they all love outdoor play…

In Brixham the BFG (The Brixham Family Group) are coming together with Indigos to host our annual Easter Party.  We’ve got treasure hunts for littlies and bigger folk,’ alternative’ Easter bonnet making, basket ball , donkey rides, a Playpod. And for the first time ever Indigos are buddying up with the Crèche at the Edge (the most happening Community Centre in the world) to bring Mini Adventure Play (for under 5’s) to Chestnut heights! All are welcome and everything is free. Mostly because people are chipping in to help; the BFG are all volunteers, a local Dad/farmer is lending us hay bales, lots of eggs and is bringing some chicks along to the party! The lady who runs the Crèche at the Edge is in the early days of development and is volunteering to make this work – she’s looking to become a social enterprise and Mini Adventure Play maybe just the thing she needs – get ‘em out young!

Would you like to get involved? If you do please email:  or tweet: @playtorbay  If it’s for an hour, a day or a week, or you could help us in our marketing, website development or finances – or making a cup of tea or packing some bags. This Easter we want everyone to have the chance to get involved in play so that more children can play out more often in Torbay!

Play Torbay Loving Outdoor Play…

Do let us at know how you are getting involved this Easter – or if you know of opportunities to get involved near you.

Happy Easter!

One Response to “Play Torbay Loving Outdoor Play…”
  1. Ashley Rogers says:

    Fantastic!! What amazing, stimulating, exciting experiences those lucky children (and adults!) of Torbay are tapping into this Easter. I only wish I could join you. Well done Play Torbay, and well done to all of those volunteers helping to make it happen, and ensuring that this Easter…TORBAY LOVES OUTDOOR PLAY!!

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