Bounce, Skate, Climb, Play – What kids WANT to do!

Want to see what kids say they want to do? I love this video, hope you all do too!

And if you enjoyed that do pop over to Playing Out and see the lovely work they are doing round Bristol and further afield.

It would be lovely to hear more stories or see more films about how you are helping more children play out more often, whether grass roots projects, with family and friends or from a more global perspective.

For instance I was walking the dog the other day in London Fields, Hackney near where I live and saw the most extraordinary sight – a knitted tree with this intrepid explorer climbing up ever higher!

Matilda up a tree!

Her mum (who emailed me this picture) was passionate about the importance to her and her children of getting outside and playing, and Matilda wanted to climb this oh-so-huggable tree, so up she went. With maybe just a little help!

Happy Friday Love Outdoor Play friends, I hope you have a brilliant outdoor play weekend!

One Response to “Bounce, Skate, Climb, Play – What kids WANT to do!”
  1. janeplayengland says:

    Love outdoor play .. sign up and post your news .. let everyone know how great it is to have the freedom to play …

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