Win a box full of play!

London Play’s Taking Nature to the Street project is supporting street play events from huge estates in Pimlico to small street parties in Croydon this weekend.

The Jubilee weekend will be a fantastic revival of children and their families returning back to a time when their street was not simply a strip of tarmac for cars to whizz down. Bunting and flags, rugs and furniture, street games, community plantingbarbecues, team games, chalk drawing and the rest will turn the tarmac into a ‘magical kingdom’ for one memorable day.  Neighbours and children will benefit in so many ways from this festive weekend but we say street play deserves more than just one day.

As part of the Taking Nature to the Street project, London Play has developed Play in a Box – a box filled with a fantastic array of simple items to inspire imaginative, outdoor play. Thanks to everyone who commented on our last blog post here in April to suggest the contents of the box. From bean bags to chalks to netting and old sheets, Play in a Box has everything you need for magical play every day. 

To win one of our much sought after Play in a Box’s finish this sentence using no more than 30 words…

Playing out should be an unremarkable every day event because……………………………………..

Thanks! If you want to find out more about the project and how you can get involved, please contact us.


14 Responses to “Win a box full of play!”
  1. Carmen says:

    … it puts two ‘naturals’ together: Play and Outdoors. Which childhood memories do we treasure? The ones spent outdoors – it is no coincidence!

  2. margaret says:

    you don’t have to worry about messing up the carpet

  3. that is how you make friends

  4. because every child has the right to play and be free

  5. Sandra Clarke says:

    The sun, the fields, the air, the birds, the sky that covers all – too sublime for any words – that’s how children flourish.

  6. Kathy Evans says:

    My answer to the competition is …

    “Because I said so!”

  7. Mary Garrard says:

    because every child deserves to feel the wind on their face

  8. …. because as parents we should lead by example~ it should be second nature to be outside playing, learning and just absorbing the world around us.

  9. theres no such thing as cold weather only inappropriate clothing!!!

  10. Suzi K says:

    …every child deserves to experience the joy, wonder and magic of unrestricted creative play. It opens their minds and their hearts, and keeps them happy and healthy!

  11. AmieDrummond says:

    Everytime your outside its a new adventure

  12. Jo preston says:

    …..It’s the single greatest way to develop and learn

  13. Fiona Hamilton says:

    it should happen daily naturally!

  14. Loulou whitehorn says:

    …because thats what children are designed for!

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