Volunteers come out to play with WPA – one Mums story……

Volunteers at WPA

Did you get involved in helping out a street party or an event over the Jubilee weekend or during this half term? Would you have liked to?

This week thousands of people – mums and dads, students and retired people, neighbours – have helped tens of thousands of children have a great time over the damp half term.

Peta is a mum in Frome who has been volunteering at the Community Play Sessions in Welshmill Park, in North East Somerset.  This is her story……

I saw a poster at a local school for the WPA play session back in the autumn and decided to come down to check out what it was all about.

It was a wet and windy day when I arrived with my two sons to meet the team and we had a great chat about the importance of children playing outside in all weathers. There was lots of fun running around, then we made hot chocolate on a kelly kettle, which the kids and I loved.

Since then I have been involved in the drink making at most of the sessions. My younger son likes to help out too and is getting quite good at using a spark stick! The kelly kettle (E – a camping stove fired by wood!) is my raison d’etre for coming!

I think we have only missed 4 or 5 sessions in the past 6 months that WPA have been in the park. We’ve come down rain, or shine or snow.

I love being outside and playing with my kids. It’s a bit like camping. The WPA staff are really great, and easy to talk to. The kids really enjoy playing with them.

I’ve met lots of new people which is great as I was new to the area. Its is quite relaxing being down here in the park when WPA are here – a nice happy space!

Wansdyke Play Association (WPA)is getting large numbers of local people – mums, dads, carers, teachers, retired

Radstock Jubilee Big Lunch

neighbours and professionals looking to help out – involved in supporting play. These are at community play sessions in parks and open spaces, after school “Stay and Play” sessions and at community events such as Community Picnics and “Silly Olympics”!  Have a look at how people of all ages are giving their time in lots of ways including producing and sharing publicity, setting up and clearing away at play sessions, playing with children and young people, spreading the word, sourcing resources, lending equipment, improving physical spaces and getting involved in local groups to increase play opportunities for local children and young people – Peasedown Party In The Park, Radstock Jubilee Big Lunch, Trinity School Picnic,

Whether you have a few hours or can commit to offer regular support helping children play out more often with your local play association? And if you are near  Frome – that’s between Bristol and Salisbury – Look out for WPA over the coming weeks here is a link to their calendar.

Spread the #LoveOutdoorPlay this half term!

One Response to “Volunteers come out to play with WPA – one Mums story……”
  1. plexity says:

    Love what WPA are doing! I met their development worker last year at Playstock Cardiff2011 our fringe playwork event coincidental to IPA Wales 2011 and was most impressed by what I heard of their approach, so I’m not surprised that WPA is doing wonderful things.

    I particularly like the Community Picnics and “Silly Olympics”.

    When I ran a playcentre, we always had a Silly Sports Day in the middle of summer – and don’t we all, especially this year of all years, need more alternatives to the big men in suits corporate logo fest and money money money (it’s not about the) machine that is the Limpix2012.

    More, more!

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