Today is International Mud Day 2012!

Today is International Mud Day, a chance for kids all over the world to get out and get  muddy!

What will you do to mark this mud day? Why not get together with the kids in your life and play at being a chef with some mud pies or twig soup, or even build your very own mud city complete with muddy moat?

As a child I used to love playing outside in my back garden making the biggest and most disgusting mud pies I possibly could. I would rush home from school change my clothes before going off exploring the world of mud, worms and nature. I remember on weekends I would compete with my neighbour to see who could throw our lovingly-made mud pies the furthest, often forgetting to avoid my mother’s washing. Needless to say I was abit of a tomboy!

According to a four-year study that examined approximately two million children under the age of 18, simply having contact with dirt, whether it’s through gardening, digging holes, or making pies out of mud, can significantly improve a child’s mood and reduce their anxiety and stress. Dirt can even improve classroom performance.  (Kuo, 2004)

“If your child isn’t coming in dirty everyday, they’re not doing their job.”

( Dr. Mary Ruebush)

I was horrified with the response: ‘my child NEVER gets dirty’ when I asked my family for muddy play pictures!  So this year I will be celebrating International Mud Day by getting my nieces and nephews outside to make their very own muddy kitchen and making it my duty to get them as dirty as possible!

What are your memories of playing in mud and dirt as a child?

Lay down your memories here and tell us how you will be making sure children can experience the joys of muddy play today and all year through!

One Response to “Today is International Mud Day 2012!”
  1. stevenchown says:

    Brilliant post. I remember Wendy Titman telling a story years ago of a school she visited where crisps had been banned. Not because of concerns about poor diet but because the small girls in the school were filling them with water to make mud pies. But the girls were not to be stopped. In a stroke of genius and genuine playfulness the girls visited the toilet, filled their mouths with tap water and used that instead.

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