What to do this summer?

Are you feeling a teeny bit nervous about the summer holidays? Whether you are looking after your own kids or someone elses, do you ever worry you won’t be able to keep them occupied?

Well fear not, today there was a ‘#saverssumer’  Twitter Party which gathered literally hundreds of great ideas, all cheap or completely free!!

Here’s a selection of them as curated by Sarah Willingham from letssavesomemoney.com:

have sensory play in the paddling pool and sandpit. Play some music and have a summers tea party in the garden… No entrance fee
Spend some time with Granny&ask her about when she was little, the games she played etc. Wish I’d asked my Gran more
Make your own water pistols from old shampoo / conditioner / washing up bottles
@CathPrisk (Ed – how’d that get there!?)
Chalk is cheap! give kids boxes of chalk & let them play in the pavement outside your house, it washes away! Hopscotch anyone?
encourage gardening with littluns, distracts from expensive days out + watch them beam with pride at their flowers!

and a few more I liked

Fill an inflatable paddling pool and add mud to make lovely mud pies!
If u need #specialneeds equipment during the holidays, ask your school/college if you can borrow it: http://bit.ly/NaQaoX #SaversSummer
Make use of local facilities, parks, fields within walking distance. Take fruit and drinks, they lap it up.
Treasure hunts in the garden, or bury treasure in the sand pit 🙂 hours of fun for younger ones! #saverssummer

Another aspect I liked about lots of the suggestions – especially when compared to expensive treats like amusement parks – is that most of them you can maybe just start and then let children get on with by themselves whilst you relax/work at an age-appropriate distance… Not only fun and frugal, but also you get to give children a taste of independence and yourself a break.

Note about the sponsors – The ‘event’ was sponsored by Morrisons & Britmums, as part of a campaign to promote Morrisons’ new M Savers range. Play England are helping them on aspects of the campaign so I was asked to get involved with this. I’ve never done a Twitter party before and it was certainly good fun! And now we’ve a huge notebook of ideas and bloggers out there – hopefully some of them will spread the word about our LoveOutdoorPlay campaign too.

But before I finish tonight I need to tell you about another FANTASTIC thing you can do for free this summer (not sponsored by anyone!) which is get involved with Playday!! Across the UK there will be events happening, some big, some small.  Why not hold one yourself? Or if you’ve already got something planned, register it?

Playday is all about celebrating children’s right to play – their right to play on Playday and to make every day a day to play.

Find out what is happening near you – or why not register one yourself – on the Playday Website. The more events we get registered, the higher the profile of children’s right to play across the UK!

Have a fun filled – and frugal – summer!

2 Responses to “What to do this summer?”
  1. mhconwayMick says:

    Lie on your back with your children for just five minutes under a tree. Take a picture of what you can see. Magical!

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