Radio Playday

What a fantastic Playday! Around 500 events took place across the UK on 1 August to celebrate 25 years of Playday. We hope that you made time to play too.

The theme for this year’s campaign was ‘Get out and play’. If you didn’t get the chance to catch any of the numerous radio interviews on 1 August please check out the links below… – Mick Conway. 1hr 19mins. – Steven Chown. 1hr 37mins. – Mick Conway. The whole show is about playing out, and Mick is on at 42mins. – Ingrid Wilkinson. 9mins.

6 Responses to “Radio Playday”
  1. mhconway says:

    I just can’t express how proud and delighted I am that an idea a few of us had 25 years ago has been taken to the hearts of hundreds of play providers, families and local communities to make Playday the massive celebration of children’s play it is today.
    It just shows that people all over the country really do care about children playing out – as they did when they were children.
    Over the years the campaign has grown from strength to strength and has had a huge influence on local and national politicians and the media. But the best thing about it is that thousands of local people have used the idea to make a real difference for millions of children where they live – not just on the first Wednesday of August each year but every day.
    A massive thanks to all of you Playday folks out there over the years – and here’s to the next 25 years!

  2. Mick Conway says:

    Juliet – that’s because local play providers, families and communities have taken the idea to their hearts and made it something brilliant where they live.

  3. Well done – it’s good that this day is getting more and more recognition.

  4. Chris Nevis says:

    We had an amazing time in Gateshead a mega event in salt well Park with thousands of children and families and loads of smaller events. Great coverage on radio and press too.

  5. Mick Conway says:

    Just listened to the show – great stuff! In fact I thought all the presenters were very on-message focussing on what should be done, not just the problem

  6. stevenchown says:

    My new favourite quote about play from the Radio Manchester presenter Alan Beswick ‘a proper understanding and enjoyment of play is as important as all the qualifications you will ever get. You can be the worlds best mathematician, the worlds best geographer, you can be whatever you want to be, but if you haven’t got the social skills learnt through the rough and tumble of play..well I’m sorry..your life will be a misery’. Love that man. Find it at 1’41”

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