Today, we shall make a cob oven!

The beginning of summer saw a historic day for Brixham Family Group! The first permanent structure in the BFG Community Garden was created – their own Cob Oven in the Chestnut Playing Field next to Indigos Go Wild Adventure Playground.

Children from Indigos helped build the oven and thoroughly enjoyed a totally different mud-splattered outdoor play weekend.

Big thanks are due to the wonderful Learning from the Land who donated their time and skills to  facilitate the weekend. We think these wonderful photos of the FUN they all had say it all!

And the marvellous end result!

We at Play Torbay will certainly be using our newly acquired skills in our Adventure Playgrounds.  We can’t think of any children or young people who won’t have a tremendous playful time having a go at cob oven-making – and we can’t wait for some yummy pizzas and bread for lunch!

Next on Play Torbay’s agenda is Compost Loo making – long live outdoor play!

2 Responses to “Today, we shall make a cob oven!”
  1. Richard NCB says:

    Looks amazing – can I ask a silly question though…what’s it for? It looks too small for pizza!

    • Cath Prisk says:

      I think its bigger than it looks – just right for (small) pizzas and bread rolls. Hopefully now the summer rush is over Play Torbay will come back to show us some of the results of their cooking…

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