What’ll happen if we fall off the mountain?

Inspired by the sight of Ben Nevis, whilst on a trip to Scotland with her Grandma, one of the regular kids at Shiremoor Adventure Playground asked if the park could organise a trip to climb the highest mountain in Scotland
. As a trial and to test the fitness of the staff, we decided to head to the Lake District with the aim of climbing Cat Bells, a climb of 1,480 feet.

On 11 September, seven children and young people and staff set off with camping gear in hand to see what this mountain had to offer. For many of the kids, this would be their first experience of wild living and demanding physical activity (the round-trip was about ten miles!) As we ascended, we discovered things about ourselves and the world around us, ‘do they have bridges between the mountains or do we have to walk down and up again,’ one pondered, whilst another exclaimed, ‘I really can’t make it – I’m going to die on the mountain!’ (repeated a dozen times before making it all the way).

Everyone made it to the top and felt a great sense of achievement. It was a sunny day and all that climbing had made us very hot, so we descended to the shores of Derwentwater to have a swim and a cool off in the beautiful tranquil lake.

Exhausted but elated, we then headed to our camp site at Stonethwaite, where we pitched tents, cooked dinner and lay and watched shooting stars across the clear night sky.

The staff and children at Shiremoor Adventure Playground Love Outdoor Play because that weekend we got to: make echoes in the field, pick and eat wild raspberries, swing on a farm gate, watch shooting stars, swim in a lake, skim stones, climb trees, see crickets, watch sheep, cook on a fire, climb a mountain, read a map, watch birds fly, watch clouds and shadows in the sky,  walk ten miles, laugh, tell ghost stories, sleep under the stars, pick up and throw fuzz buzzes, have fun!

Follow more adventures of the crowd from Shiremoor Adventure Playground by joining them on Facebook at: http://on.fb.me/VPSpSo and http://on.fb.me/Q7q5aj

Janet Orrock is a Nature Play Development Officer at Play England. For more information, visit www.playengland.org.uk/natureplay.

24 Responses to “What’ll happen if we fall off the mountain?”
  1. Akhlima says:

    I think this was a amazing experiance for the children as they done things which they wouldnt do in everyday lif. I also believe that the skills they developed from this will help them in the future and prepare them for risks and life tasks.

  2. Nicole says:

    I think this was a great experience for the children and will have boosted their confidence and self esteem massively. The children were quite negative about the mountain climb but it is clear that they feel very positive about it now from how much fun they have had in the outdoors. Well done to everyne who took part 🙂

  3. This experience would have allowed he children to gain a sense of pride and achievement, taking part in this ountain climb. It has allowed negativity of the children turn into something extremely positive, This trip has allowed the children, to take part in a physical activity which is hard for adults and can seem difficult and they have taken it in their stride, gaining a variety of skills along the way.Both the children and the staff have had an opportunity and created a memory that will stay with them forever. Well Done 🙂

  4. Megan Mcclay says:

    I believe this is a excellent opportunity for children to explore and get a good understanding of the natural world.The children experianced many things that people dont come across everyday therefore they will beable to remember this trip for a very long time.I also believe that the skills the children developed will help them in the future and will ultimately prepare them for risks and life tasks ahead of them.

  5. Melissa Neale says:

    The chldren will gain so much confidence from achieving what they did. They would also of gained many skills on the way and improved what they already had, great achievement and idea to carry out! well done!

  6. Charlotte Watson says:

    This experience would have been very beneficial for all children involved. It would of developed their confidence and self-esteem, whilst feeling a great sense of achievement and enjoyment.

  7. RachelReed says:

    It’s a great experience for the children that they will remember for a life time. This experience would of made them gain a great mount of skills and will have the confidence and be prepared for another risky opportunitythey can take place in.

  8. Laura Ridley says:

    I think this must have been a great experience for the children, allowing them to develop a range of skills that they didn’t realise they had. Also,it must have gained a huge amount of confidence and self-esteem in the children allowing them to have a sense of achievement. 🙂

  9. Brogan Forrest says:

    This is a great experience and such a memorble time for everyone involved. This will help to promote confidence and self-esteem the children will gain new skills and achieve new life experiences.

  10. Shannon Blacklock says:

    I think by taking the chidren on this trip it is allowing them to experience new things at such a young age, therefore it will be giving them the confidence to try and achieve more stuff and not to give up as they made it up the mountain.

  11. Becca Welch says:

    I think this would of been a great experience for the children and time that would of allowed the children to explore the outdoors and take risks! By the children being out they will be getting fit rather then staying indoors, which will encourage them to go out more! It also gives the children confidence to do stuff like this again!

  12. Lucy Burton says:

    The mountain climb has gave children a chance to experience an adventure boosting their self esteem to disocover new things.

  13. Toby Clark says:

    Well done on what sounded like a beneficial and memorable adventure. Good luck with climbing Ben Nevis, check out the John Muir Trust who help look after part of the mountain. Also ‘Discover Explore’ missions around Glen Nevis – http://www.discoverexplore.co.uk/locations?location=25

  14. Mathew Hall says:

    Was a brilliant trip and the staff and children cannot wait to climb Blencathra on the 21st !
    We will get some great pictures and post them on the facebook page.

  15. ecomumof2 says:

    Personal and group challenges in the outdoors like this are an amazing way to encourage team building, foster a greater sense of self belief and achievement and create an awareness that with effort you can do something you feel is beyond you. Well done to this group, hope you find lots more fun outdoor challenges.

  16. Keeley says:

    October 9, 2012 10:29 am

    I think it is a great experience for the children to interact with other children. it also give children experience and the confidence to try something new.

  17. Amie Dargan says:

    I think it is a great experience for the children to particiate in. This also allows children to gain and develop life skills they may need in the future. I liked the idea of the children wanting to do something like that and it was organised for them.

  18. Jenna Araniello says:

    This is a really good idea and trips like these should be made more often for local chidren and young people. It is a great way to find freedom and become more independant, while aso it gives children a chance to see more places/enjoy natural environments more.
    This is better than a normal trip as it is going up a mountain, which is even more rewarding than just visiting a buiding/city because it gives a sense of achievement.

  19. Jessica James says:

    This is a good example of the children gaining new skills and having new life experiences. The chidren will have a sense of achievement from climbing the mountain.

  20. Hannah Duffield says:

    I think this is a great way to help boost the children’s self esteem, this also gives them a good sense of awarness.

  21. Alice Fairlamb says:

    i also agree with that samantha womphery as they will now be motivated to try new things as they are able to do anything now! 🙂

  22. Samantha Womphrey says:

    Climbing that moutain was a great way to promote children’s self-esteem and confidence. It also allowed the children to develop a sense of achievement and develop new life skills. It also allowed the children to be able to motivate themself and learn to be positive.

  23. Alice Fairlamb says:

    i think this has given the children a good experience !!!!!!! its also good for children who have never experienced camping or hiking as it will give them more life experience and confidenence. They have gained self acheivement as they compleated the mountain! WELL DONE :).

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