Do your children spend enough time playing outdoors? Click here to tell the Guardian!

So do you think your kids get outside to play enough? Do  children at your local school or in your community? Is it the same or different to when your were young? And if so why?

This half term the Guardian is asking “Do your Children enough time playing outdoors?, and will print the thoughts and ideas of parents, grandparents, and others with an interest in building strong communities, where kids and teenagers love their local environment.

So please click through and add your voice! And then forward this to all your friends, family and colleagues and get them to get involved…

And if Freedom to Play is a cause you feel strongly about, do come and join Play England and help us build the #FreedomToPlay campaign!

Love Outdoor Play this half term holiday!

5 Responses to “Do your children spend enough time playing outdoors? Click here to tell the Guardian!”
  1. Debra Mathews says:

    Hi everyone, I am doing a dissertation on adult perceptions of outdoor play in the 1970s and child views of outdoor play in the present day.
    I would be so grateful if I could find some information or hear some more stories through here and possibly contact people.
    Hope to hear off you soon. Thanks deb.

  2. My children play out every day. They’re ‘home’ educated though, so they (and their numerous ‘home’ educated friends) are lucky enough to have lots of free time- the world is their playground! I am amazed that kids in school manage to find the time to play out, once they’ve fitted in their breakfast clubs, after school clubs and homework.

  3. Round here, children do play out a lot, but we are lucky to have safe, accessible outdoor space right by our homes. I’m just about to kick off this year’s After Dark Club; I find that once the clocks go back, children become even scarcer on the streets and parks so the purpose of our group is to have fun engaging in free and / or adult led play, in the dark.

  4. janeplayengland says:

    Reblogged this on janeplayengland and commented:
    Working on an open access adventure playground in Torbay, we find that the children do come out to play … but maybe not as much as they would like to .. we will be working with families, schools and the children to see how we can help them to Love Outdoor play and sign the Wild Thing pledge .. spend as much time playing outdoors as they can!

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