Blog of the Week – Scavenger Hunt

We love this post on the Netmums blog by Josie from ‘Sleep is for the Weak’! Joise and her family clearly Love Outdoor Play – why not replicate their idea this weekend and discover what your local patch of nature has to offer πŸ™‚

Netmums Blog

This beautiful post and pictures by Josie from Sleep is for the Weak really made us smile.

She has captured exactly what it is that kids love to do – and proves that when we take the time out to do these kind of activities we can thoroughly enjoy them too!


Β  Β 

Wellies on, folks. Fetch clipboards and pens. Pack a bag with chocolate buttons to bribe them with half way round when they lose interest. Plan a route and make up your list of things you’re likely to see in your little space of the world (it’s a good feeling to get home with all the boxes ticked) and have a big pile of cake or theΒ equivalent waiting back home to reward your grubby, small adventurers with.

Kai knows our neighbourhood pretty well so drew us a map of where he thought we should go. Getting him…

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