We Love Outdoor Play in Hillingdon

Hillingdon Play Association (HPA) shows how unstructured free (outdoor) play is benefiting one of their local schools. HPA is a member of the Free Time Consortium, a collective of organisations working together to increase freedom to play, visit http://www.playengland.org.uk/ftc for more information.


What can I tell you about Yeading Primary school? They have a play worker already on site and a huge amount of parents and carers who volunteer in the school on a regular basis.

We were already delivering our training program at  Yeading Primary, we are there three times a week capturing different groups. Infants – lunchtime staff on a Tuesday afternoon, Junior’s –  parents on a Wednesday morning and another group of parents and student social workers on a Friday morning. They all seem to be enjoying the sessions and we are building up some strong relationships which was confirmed when we left one day to shouts of  “bye we love you” so not only were they  having some fun but were extremely grateful of the time we were putting in trying to help them understand why play is so important.


So when they asked us to come…

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