Project Wildthing documentary fundraising success!

Project Wildthing film title

Great news, 652 people and lovely organisations have shown their commitment to supporting the film-led campaign to get kids outdoors – all together we’ve more than achieved the £30,000 target!

Wildthing achieved

Investments ranged from £1 to £5000, with wonderful incentives in each category.

We at Play England will now be putting our thinking caps on as to the best use we can make of our “exclusive night of adventure in the wild woodlands for you and a friend with renowned natural awareness teacher Geoffrey McMullan from Pathfinder UK and his owl, Merlin (travel not included).” (see the incentives page to see why we’ve got this fantastic prize!)

There is still time to get involved – we reached our target but if you or your organisation want to invest, then do get in touch with Green Lions. And there are still some wonderful incentives, such as the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend a day in the field with the National Trust’s expert Biological Survey Team, examining and getting close to wildlife in beautiful surroundings near you. A day out in the wild that money can’t normally buy!

Alternatively you could think about whether you’d like Play England to come and organise a screening in your street/playground/community/school? We are now raising money to do that, with lots of opportunity to play with natural thingsfor kids whilst mum & dad tuck into pop corn and maybe have a big discussion afterwards about how to get kids outside near you and what adults need to do to make that happen.

Well done everyone who backed this, shared it on the internet or told friends, family and the organisations you work for. And a huge well done to David, Ashley and their team who are making the film!

Together we can make a difference!

One Response to “Project Wildthing documentary fundraising success!”
  1. Tim Gill says:

    Great stuff! Am about to share the news.

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