Work and play – A young disabled person’s story

KIDS’ ‘Work Tasters’ is a volunteering scheme providing a taste of work in play and leisure to increase confidence, self esteem and employability for young disabled people aged 14 to 25 years old.

Read about Jay who is 24 and his work taster with KIDS, part the Free Time Consortium

‘My work taster experience took place at an ice rink. The first meeting with Tracy, the KIDS coordinator, comprised of filling out forms, discussing my requirements for inclusion as well as choosing the leisure/sports centre that I wanted to work in.

I chose the Silver Blades Ice Rink in Altrincham. I then went along with Tracy to have a meeting with Wes, the ice rink manager and to learn more about the role. During the meeting I had a tour of the ice rink, Wes made me feel very welcome, we did risk assessment for me and we agreed I would come along the next week for my induction.

I’d been volunteering there for a couple of weeks when Wes asked to see me. He said how pleased he was with the work I’d been doing and hoped that I was enjoying it as there as a paid job just become available and he wanted to offer me the opportunity to fill the position.

I’ve made new friends and learned a lot about the sports relating to ice and skating, my confidence has grown and the experience has helped me find a positive direction for my career to go. I am now working part time at Sliver Blades and enjoying every minute’

For more information about KIDS Work Tasters in Greater Manchester contact Tracy Ryan on 07584 702026 or e-mail Tracy on

One Response to “Work and play – A young disabled person’s story”
  1. janeplayengland says:

    Well done Jay, Wes and Kids a great opportunity for a young person to gain experience that led to work .. so sad that not enough of these kinds of opportunities are around… Jay, I hope you continue to enjoy your new job, and share your expereinces with the children and young people you meet..

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