Bad weather should not be an excuse for not going outdoors!

Wild weather book 2Our children’s best memories of playing outdoors include careering down a muddy hill on an old bin bag, snowball fights, splashing in muddy puddles, running around in torrential summer rain and drinking hot chocolate in their den on an icy night winter picnic.

You may be surprised that most of these activities weren’t done on a perfect sunny day but on cold or wet days when most of us would probably choose to stay indoors.  But wild weather days can offer the best, most exciting and thrilling outdoor adventures, so with the aim of inspiring more children to get away from screen based entertainment and get outdoors, The Wild Weather Book was born.

So get dressed up in your wild weather gear and rush outside any time of the year to discover the joys of the rain, the snow, the ice and the wind and get in touch with the wild world.

By spending more time outdoors in all weathers, children can play real games with their friends, explore all their senses, discover their own creativity and experience the challenges, the fears, the joys and the wonders of nature. This helps them develop into healthy, confident individuals with a greater understanding of the natural world they live in.  So don’t wait for the sunshine, get outside in all weathers and have fun.  Try making mud pies in the rain, wild dancing and wind socks in the wind, or if it’s still cold have a go at making ice baubles or snow pictures.

The Wild Weather Book - front cover small

Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks work in partnership as Going Wild.  For more outdoor play ideas and information about their books published by Francis Lincoln, visit their website

3 Responses to “Bad weather should not be an excuse for not going outdoors!”
  1. janeplayengland says:

    Reblogged this on janeplayengland and commented:
    This makes me think of an amazing day we had recently at Fort Apache Adventure playground in Torquay .. lots of rain, lots of red mud, lots of slides .. lots of play! … FAB!

  2. Reblogged this on Sweet Promises and commented:
    Those salads I made were delicious. The clouds I watched were mesmerizing. And all the while I was learning to be a grown-up.

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