Playing and learning in trees

Guest post by Tatum Triggs

130520 - 1

Why has my son hauled an old tyre swing up our oak tree?
130520 - 2

Ok….so, now he appears to be hanging it on a branch half way up.

130520 - 3

Ahhhh, so he wants to fill it with water does he? That old bit of rope and a bucket should make it easier.

130520 - 4

Hmmmm…that’s it. Now he has climbed the tree, reset the rope on a higher branch (after a quick discussion about forces and gravity), and can haul up whatever he likes!

130520 - 5

What a great invention!

‘Mum-can we have a cup of tea and a biscuit in the tree?’

Absolutely! Freshly hauled by a simple pulley system.

Tatum Triggs is a Cornish mum of two boys whose passion for risky, explorative outdoor play has led her to train as a forest school leader  and run WILDKIDS at Bosinver, a local award winning holiday cottage village.

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