A big thumbs up for our volunteers in play

This week’s blog posts are brought to you by volunteers who are supporting local play projects involved in the Free Time Consortium’s ‘Get Involved in Play’ programme funded by the Cabinet Office’s Social Action Fund. We want to celebrate the amazing work done by the volunteers – children, parents and grandparents – who Love Outdoor Play. And, as this week is National Volunteer’s Week, what better opportunity to showcase their efforts and to say thank you. We hope you enjoy their stories and they motivate you to get involved in your local play project and support Love Outdoor Play!

Guest post by Tracey Mcvay.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy name is Tracey Mcvay.  l am a single parent with two small children so l am a regular visitor  at Shiremoor  Adventure  Playground. I was inspired to volunteer by the manager of the playground. When l was 14 years old, l attended my local youth club where my manager was a worker so l was surprised to see him still working with children and totally enjoying it.

I volunteer at Shiremoor Adventure Playground  twice a week, for an hour on Tuesday and Friday morning.  I help with the general upkeep of the building and I have also recently started driving the minibus, which has enabled the playground to put on more day and even some weekend trips.

I enjoy lots of aspects of my volunteering, such as engaging with the kids, working as part of a team with the other play workers and of course the sing songs on the bus. I also get a really great feel good factor from giving something back to the community and I hope I am inspiring my children to do something positive with their  free  time.

Hopefully, my volunteering has given the children and young people a safe, clean environment to play and enjoy and they have also been able to attend more residential days and overnight stays. It’s a pleasure to see them building up their confidence with outdoor activities such as map reading, mountain walking and working as part of a team.

I have learnt that giving even a small amount of my time can have a big impact on people’s lives and that I get as much, if not more, from it as they do.  Volunteering has opened my eyes to lots of other opportunities in life and l have made some great friends along the way. Volunteering can be a life changing experience – people need to just give it a blast.

Tracey Mcvay volunteers at Shiremoor Adventure Playground.

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2 Responses to “A big thumbs up for our volunteers in play”
  1. As a result of volunteering- Tracey has now been given some paid work at Shiremoor Adventure Playground and is a real asset to the park. She was a great help on Sunday helping to share the driving during our visit to Scarfell Pike- the journey may be rather ‘interesting’ at times- but she keeps us all safe along those lakeland roads. How many times do you need to go around a roundabout before deciding which exit to take? Answers on a postcard please!!

    • janeplayengland says:

      Without people like Tracey, and the team at Shiremoor seeing the potential in her, children and young people wouldn’t get to experience such adventures, they wouldn’t get to share the experiences, they wouldn’t get to discover wild places ( and roundabouts!) .. and what a great role model for other parents and children in that community … And its lovely to see that volunteering has given Tracey the opportunity for progression into paid work, that she really enjoys… Well done team Shiremoor ..(PS I find 3 times is a good number for roundabouts!)

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