Project Wild Thing launches today!

Project Wildthing film title

A major new feature length documentary film Project Wild Thing has been launched today and will be showing at Picturehouse and independent cinemas across the country. This inspirational film, directed by and starring David Bond (Erasing David) and produced by Ashley Jones (Green Lions), takes a witty, touching and frank look at the complex issue of why our kids have lost touch with nature, why they don’t have their independence outdoors and what happened to playing out…

The film is backed by the Wild Network, founded by a diverse group who are dedicated to working together to get children back in touch with nature and outdoor play. Founding members of the network include: Play England, Play Scotland, Play Wales, National Trust, RSPB, NHS Sustainable Development Unit, AMV BBDO, Green Lions and Swarm.

“Funny, alarming and uplifting, this film will change your life. No other ninety minutes in a darkened room is more likely to get you – or your children – into the great outdoors. An exciting, inspirational exploration of our estrangement from nature and how we can all put some wildness back into our own lives. Every parent should watch it.” Patrick Barkham, The Guardian

Or as the founder of the Save Our Woods campaign @Hen4 says: “I’ve never seen such an important film. You’re SO going to love it #wildthing

Watch the trailer:

Screenings are being held up and down the country – find your nearest and and tell us what you think by joining in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter using #wildtime or #projectwildthing.

3 Responses to “Project Wild Thing launches today!”
  1. Vicky Flessner says:

    We will be able to view it in USA?

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