Help build the policy case for play

Can you help? We met with Nick Hurd, Minister for Civil Society, just before Christmas and Tim is building what we hope will be the definitive case for play. Please get involved if you can.

Rethinking Childhood

This post asks for your help in building the case for play. I am writing a report – aimed at Government – that gathers together evidence for the difference that play facilities and initiatives can make to children, families and communities. And I need your help in pulling together this evidence. I hope you agree this is an important and urgent task, given the scale of recent cuts to play facilities.

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One Response to “Help build the policy case for play”
  1. Katherine Wilkinson says:

    I am a Community Organiser in Grahame Park Estate NW9 my job involves listening to local people door to door . The big issues? not feeling safe, worrying about the bad influences on our young people and lack of safe local play for little ones. A slow-moving regeneration project has seen gradual replacement of numbers of secure tenants with non-secure tenants. There is a lack of continuity in service provision the authorities have put developments on hold for these past 10 years and newcomers are told they’re housed temporarily 6-24 months but 5 years on still in limbo. There is a widespread misconception that non secure people have no investment/long term interest in the area. Yet they put down roots and settle their children into local schools. No one wants to uproot everyone wants a secure future to plan for. A new generation of children are locked indoors shepherded from school to home and see the external environment as hostile and threatening. Outdoor safe play is a day dream. With a population increase predicted in this western corridor of LB Barnet looking like 10,000 – 20,000 in the next few years I see the woeful absence of play facilities, spontaneous opportunities for parents to take their children outdoors to mix and play safely with other youngsters as a tragedy..& worse still a timebomb for our classrooms, our social services if today’s young people do not develop and thrive the way they deserve.

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