Bold move to kickstart an outdoor play renaissance in Canada

Re-blogged from Rethinking Childhood the Lawson Foundation in Canada have launched a $2.7 million outdoor play strategy to fund 14 projects and evaluation to capture the learning on what works to increase opportunities for children’s self-directed play.

Rethinking Childhood

Last week the Lawson Foundation, a Canadian family foundation, launched an ambitious outdoor play strategy with the announcement of $2.7 million (£1.3 million; $US 1.9 million) in funding for 14 projects.

Lawson Foundation outdoor play strategy graphic

The strategy has an explicit and exclusive focus on unstructured outdoor play. Tackling risk aversion is a prominent theme, building on the Foundation’s recent support for a groundbreaking consensus position statement [pdf link] whose key message is that the biggest risk is keeping kids indoors.

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One Response to “Bold move to kickstart an outdoor play renaissance in Canada”
  1. neilatplay says:

    OPAL Outdoor Play and Learning CIC is very proud of our Toronto mentors for their success in securing their grant to introduce the OPAL programme to Canadian schools!

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