Save Skrammellegepladsen i Emdrup

Skrammellegeplasden in Emdrup has been described as the birthplace of ‘modern’ playwork. The junk playground has served as a beacon and inspiration for playworkers all over the world but is now under threat from similar financial constraints that have closed several much-loved adventure playgrounds in this country like Stonebridge and Battersea. Changes by the local … Continue reading

Market Forces

In a famous speech on the campaign trail for the US Presidential nomination in 1968 Bobby Kennedy said, ‘too much and for too long, we seem to have surrendered personal excellence and community values in the mere accumulation of material things…yet the gross domestic product [the official measure of such things] does not allow for … Continue reading

Shire kids go Scything

What an amazing weekend the kids and staff from Shiremoor Adventure Playground have had in the Yorkshire Dales. They completed their John Muir Discovery Award in the most extraordinary way and discovered a really wild spot at Muck Hole near Robin Hoods Bay. On a 17 acre site, in the middle of nowhere, live two … Continue reading

Greater expectations are needed for outdoor play

At the end of August, the National Children’s Bureau (NCB) launched Greater Expectations – a new report   showing that children, especially those growing up in poverty, are getting a worse deal now than just two generations ago. There are 1 million more children growing up in poverty than there were in 1971. And those who are … Continue reading

I’m a Love Outdoor Play hero because…

I’m a Love Outdoor Play hero because I help children and young people reconnect with the natural environment through nature play. Here’s my story. We were around the open fire pit at Somerford Grove Adventure Playground, and were in need of wood to stoke the flames! We broke a few pieces of rotten wood that … Continue reading

Another way to Love Outdoor Play

One of our local playworkers had a couple of ideas about how he could show how much he loves outdoor play and he has managed to join up World of Difference Vodafone Volunteering and the John the Muir Award1. This Saturday was the third session for the John Muir Award Explorers, from Exploring Nature play … Continue reading

Blueberries, potatoes and the lonely bug!

On the eve of our first visit from a year five class, I was weeding our nature trail and tidying up. To my amazement, I saw what looked like a female stage beetle! I picked up the small rotting piece of wood and put it with the beetle inside a small window seal plant container. … Continue reading

Wall to wall fun

Young people, staff and the amazing volunteers from Northumbria Dry Stone Wall Association (NDSWA) celebrated placing the final stone in the dry stone wall at Shiremoor Adventure Playground this week. The wall has been built as part of Play England’s Exploring Nature Play project to provide a playable boundary enclosing their new nature play and chill … Continue reading

Shire kids start John Muir Award up Scafell

As dawn broke over North Tyneside on Sunday 2 June, 16 sleepy young people, volunteers and staff set out from Shiremoor Adventure Playground on an adventure to climb the highest peak in England and start their John Muir Discovery Award. They had been building up to this day over the previous few months after completing climbs … Continue reading

Everyone has a skill or life experience that can be shared with others

This week’s blog posts are brought to you by volunteers who are supporting local play projects involved in the Free Time Consortium’s ‘Get Involved in Play’ programme funded by the Cabinet Office’s Social Action Fund. We want to celebrate the amazing work done by the volunteers – children, parents and grandparents – who Love Outdoor … Continue reading