Greater expectations are needed for outdoor play

At the end of August, the National Children’s Bureau (NCB) launched Greater Expectations – a new report   showing that children, especially those growing up in poverty, are getting a worse deal now than just two generations ago. There are 1 million more children growing up in poverty than there were in 1971. And those who are … Continue reading

Making play count – one councillor’s story

This is the story behind how I got the community together to develop a new play space for all children, where disabled children can play alongside their peers, and the lessons I learnt about the hard slog that is fundraising… Once I had been elected as a councillor I was able to champion a project … Continue reading

If the purpose of education is Life! then shouldn’t outdoor play be part of it?

What is the purpose of education? This is the question posed by the Purpose/Ed campaign who are gathering #500words from different bloggers every working day in May. I wanted to contribute from Love Outdoor Play because outdoor play has a key role to play in education, not just in the early years, but throughout school. Not just … Continue reading

How important is outdoor play to the early years??!

This letter went all over the #loveoutdoorplay and #playoutdoors community yesterday morning as the brilliant Sue Palmer made the case for children’s need to play in her usual inimitable style on the BBC’s Today programme. It was at about 8:30am if you want to listen again. SIR – We welcome the Government’s attempts to simplify the Early … Continue reading