Bold move to kickstart an outdoor play renaissance in Canada

Originally posted on Rethinking Childhood:
Last week the Lawson Foundation, a Canadian family foundation, launched an ambitious outdoor play strategy with the announcement of $2.7 million (£1.3 million; $US 1.9 million) in funding for 14 projects. The strategy has an explicit and exclusive focus on unstructured outdoor play. Tackling risk aversion is a prominent theme, building on…

Wall to wall fun

Young people, staff and the amazing volunteers from Northumbria Dry Stone Wall Association (NDSWA) celebrated placing the final stone in the dry stone wall at Shiremoor Adventure Playground this week. The wall has been built as part of Play England’s Exploring Nature Play project to provide a playable boundary enclosing their new nature play and chill … Continue reading

Playing and learning in trees

Guest post by Tatum Triggs Why has my son hauled an old tyre swing up our oak tree? Ok….so, now he appears to be hanging it on a branch half way up. Ahhhh, so he wants to fill it with water does he? That old bit of rope and a bucket should make it easier. … Continue reading

Bad weather should not be an excuse for not going outdoors!

Our children’s best memories of playing outdoors include careering down a muddy hill on an old bin bag, snowball fights, splashing in muddy puddles, running around in torrential summer rain and drinking hot chocolate in their den on an icy night winter picnic. You may be surprised that most of these activities weren’t done on … Continue reading

Getting kids beyond the screen and into the green

I’m not sure what happened, but it seems as though people have started living their lives through screens instead of through day to day interactions. Instead of talking to someone face to face, a text or an email is sent. The issue only seems to be magnified in the younger generations. Kids play video games … Continue reading

Play and Plants

When I was six I left home with my teddy Billy Big Ears and a jar of peanut butter to live under a hedge where I had made a new home just big enough for me (note home not den).  We lived a couple of miles out of the urban conurbation of Wigan. My nan … Continue reading


Guest post by Eleanor Shipman PLAY SWAP began as part of my six-month artist residency funded by Near Neighbours at Pembroke House, a community centre and settlement in Elephant and Castle, South London. The residency aimed to bring local people of different cultural backgrounds together, and what better way to do that than through sharing play? … Continue reading

Blog of the Week – Scavenger Hunt

Originally posted on Netmums Blog:
This beautiful post and pictures by Josie from Sleep is for the Weak really made us smile. She has captured exactly what it is that kids love to do – and proves that when we take the time out to do these kind of activities we can thoroughly enjoy them…

Let’s Play Totally Monkers!!

There’s no doubt that Autumn is here. You can feel that cold chill in the morning and the leaves on the trees are starting to turn. As a child this was a moment I had waited for all summer. No I wasn’t interested in the science of abscission (that came later when I did Botany at Uni) for … Continue reading

The playful nature of Slacklining

Guest post – Harry Cloudfoot (Slackline Instructor and Performing Artist) To both children, young people, and adults alike a slackline immediately presents endless possibilities for play. But for those not familiar with a slackline or its potential, allow me to elaborate… A slackline is essentially a long, thin, bouncy strip of tensioned material that you … Continue reading