Film screening – Jonathan Dimbleby chairs a heated debate

Guest blog, by Laura Hetherington Growing up in a small working-class village community in rural Derbyshire I took for granted the immense adventure playground on my doorstep: the woods I roamed with my sister, the fields in which we picked armfuls of buttercups and looked for toads, the hedges we made our dens, the stream … Continue reading

Pond life

Growing up is not just about what you learn from your parents, it is about what they learn from you.  You know this when you see the world through the eyes of your own children but your parent’s childhood is in the past, told in stories and faded photographs. They were never really children. I … Continue reading

We’re never too old to Love Outdoor Play!

I was having a conversation with a colleague who works in the outdoors sector recently – you know, those tough, hardy bods who go climbing and trekking up mountains – about our approaches to work with children, and found that we have a very similar approach to risk in lots of respects. While obviously neither … Continue reading

Bad weather should not be an excuse for not going outdoors!

Our children’s best memories of playing outdoors include careering down a muddy hill on an old bin bag, snowball fights, splashing in muddy puddles, running around in torrential summer rain and drinking hot chocolate in their den on an icy night winter picnic. You may be surprised that most of these activities weren’t done on … Continue reading

Getting kids beyond the screen and into the green

I’m not sure what happened, but it seems as though people have started living their lives through screens instead of through day to day interactions. Instead of talking to someone face to face, a text or an email is sent. The issue only seems to be magnified in the younger generations. Kids play video games … Continue reading

See-saws and building sites

Who can remember the days when building sites didn’t have; 10 foot fences around them, security guards patrolling them, guard dogs protecting them, flood lights illuminating them and large posters displayed around them suggesting anyone who ventured onto them were at risk of being prosecuted or worse? ‘Back in the day’, many of my fondest play memories … Continue reading

A parent’s gift of independence – ‘roots to grow and wings to fly’…

Reading my colleagues’ blog posts about their freedom and adventures, my thoughts went to my role as a parent of two children. As Katy is five years older than Jamie and so grown up it was always so much easier to say no! But what do you say when your six year old son pleads … Continue reading

Waterfalls and hours of fun!

Tree swings

So sounds like I’m from an exotic Island with palm trees and white sand, right? Wrong! Growing up in a rural village in Scotland where you’re lucky if the temperature hits 15 degrees in the summer is more like it. But being an adventurous child and spending hours and hours of fun ‘doon the glen’ (which is … Continue reading

Damp horse hair or remembrance of things past

When most people think of Devon they think of the countryside, green fields, moorland or the magnificent coastline. Mine was an urban childhood. I grew up in and around the terraced streets of Exeter. First in Newtown close to the City Centre and then St Thomas west of the River Exe. One of my earliest … Continue reading

When I was a kid a Chomp cost 10p

I’m not quite sure how I follow those amazing blogs from my colleagues, but I will have a go. When I reminisce on my childhood I often remember my journeys to and from school. To be honest, it was often the best part of the school day (apart from the epic playground football games at … Continue reading