Greater expectations are needed for outdoor play

At the end of August, the National Children’s Bureau (NCB) launched Greater Expectations – a new report   showing that children, especially those growing up in poverty, are getting a worse deal now than just two generations ago. There are 1 million more children growing up in poverty than there were in 1971. And those who are … Continue reading

Making Islington a better place to play outdoors

Guest Post – Jon Winder, Islington Council With the least amount of open space of any local authority in the country you might think that Islington isn’t a great place for playing outdoors. However, over the last few years the council has been working hard to make parks and open spaces better places to play. … Continue reading

How can we increase freedom to play?

Only one in three children are allowed out to the shops or to walk to school alone, according to a Newsround survey of over 1000 six to twelve year olds out a couple of weeks ago. One in four never go out without an adult. Michael Murpurgo, the children’s author, is filmed on the Newsround site talking … Continue reading