Bold move to kickstart an outdoor play renaissance in Canada

Originally posted on Rethinking Childhood:
Last week the Lawson Foundation, a Canadian family foundation, launched an ambitious outdoor play strategy with the announcement of $2.7 million (£1.3 million; $US 1.9 million) in funding for 14 projects. The strategy has an explicit and exclusive focus on unstructured outdoor play. Tackling risk aversion is a prominent theme, building on…

Shire kids start John Muir Award up Scafell

As dawn broke over North Tyneside on Sunday 2 June, 16 sleepy young people, volunteers and staff set out from Shiremoor Adventure Playground on an adventure to climb the highest peak in England and start their John Muir Discovery Award. They had been building up to this day over the previous few months after completing climbs … Continue reading

Playing and learning in trees

Guest post by Tatum Triggs Why has my son hauled an old tyre swing up our oak tree? Ok….so, now he appears to be hanging it on a branch half way up. Ahhhh, so he wants to fill it with water does he? That old bit of rope and a bucket should make it easier. … Continue reading

Originally posted on Rethinking Childhood:
The Health and Safety Executive – the nation’s safety regulator – is so often the fall guy for everything that is wrong about the way risk is managed. But last week I heard an anecdote that brought home to me – in an unexpected way – the positive role HSE…

When I was a kid a Chomp cost 10p

I’m not quite sure how I follow those amazing blogs from my colleagues, but I will have a go. When I reminisce on my childhood I often remember my journeys to and from school. To be honest, it was often the best part of the school day (apart from the epic playground football games at … Continue reading

Hometime – another opportunity to play

I hear less and less kids today are walking home from school alone, good! What bore to walk when you can play and why do it alone when you have friends? We never walked home! We danced, jumped, skipped, hopped and ran home. Half past three wasn’t just hometime, it was playtime! So when children … Continue reading

How do we make sure every child gets the chance to be a bit ‘really wild’?

Yesterday I sat in a room with over one hundred mums and dads, grandparents and aunties. They were mostly in the suited guise of chief execs, directors and staff from charities and campaigning organisations, with a few public and private sector representatives. We were gathered for the Natural Childhood summit*, to debate how we can … Continue reading

Out of sight – not out of mind

Guest post – Ashley Rogers, Play England, coordinator for the Play Safety Forum Playing outside might be dangerous – it sometimes seems crime and anti-social behaviour is rife and around every corner. All the more reason then to keep children indoors and safely out of harms way… Besides what life lessons will be learnt from … Continue reading