Greater expectations are needed for outdoor play

At the end of August, the National Children’s Bureau (NCB) launched Greater Expectations – a new report   showing that children, especially those growing up in poverty, are getting a worse deal now than just two generations ago. There are 1 million more children growing up in poverty than there were in 1971. And those who are … Continue reading

Blueberries, potatoes and the lonely bug!

On the eve of our first visit from a year five class, I was weeding our nature trail and tidying up. To my amazement, I saw what looked like a female stage beetle! I picked up the small rotting piece of wood and put it with the beetle inside a small window seal plant container. … Continue reading

Friday 5th July 2013 is Empty Classroom Day!

Guest post by Zoë Slade. On Friday 5 July 2013 schools all over the country will be learning outside for Empty Classroom Day. Empty Classroom Day is a day to celebrate all the learning that takes place outside the classroom and to encourage even more outdoor learning. The day was created by schools and organisations at … Continue reading

Hometime – another opportunity to play

I hear less and less kids today are walking home from school alone, good! What bore to walk when you can play and why do it alone when you have friends? We never walked home! We danced, jumped, skipped, hopped and ran home. Half past three wasn’t just hometime, it was playtime! So when children … Continue reading

A vision for Britain’s urban school grounds?

When you think of urban school grounds what is the first image that comes into your head? Do you see large areas of sun-baked asphalt with maybe an adventure trail and a mural or two and football dominating the space, or do you see children climbing on boulders and logs, damming streams in the sand … Continue reading

Outstanding Play in an Outstanding School – A Beacon Rising

Michael Follett OPAL CIC If you wanted to describe an outstanding place to play would you think of primary schools? Clearly OFSTED thought so when they mentioned the outstanding quality of play at a South Gloucestershire School and the way it supported learning behaviours as one of the contributions to their ‘outstanding’ judgement. To follow … Continue reading