Conversations with Neighbours

CONVERSATIONS WITH NEIGHBOURS Originally posted by Naomi on the Playing Out website I have lived in my street for nine years – a terraced Bristol street of 30 houses – and now know nearly everyone who lives there. There are some people I just say hello to but lots I stop and have a chat with, and … Continue reading

Out of sight, out of mind

Recent surveys have shown children’s independent mobility has declined and that opportunities to play are much more restricted than they were in previous generations. But this doesn’t tell the whole story. For most children there is a higher level of adult surveillance than we would have been used to when we were younger but many … Continue reading

New Anti- Social Behaviour Bill to criminalise children playing outdoors

Play England and partners, alongside the wider children’s sector, are deeply concerned by changes to the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill. The government is changing the law and replacing ASBOs with Injunctions To Prevent Nuisance and Annoyance (IPNAs). While ASBOs targeted behaviour considered to ‘cause harassment, alarm or distress,’ IPNAs will target conduct ‘capable … Continue reading

Why would you want to let your child play out in the street?

Originally posted on Rethinking Childhood:
Even a generation ago, most parents would have greeted this question with blank faces. Playing out was just what kids did – why would you need a reason? Of course, things are different today – for all sorts of reasons. In almost all neighbourhoods, parents need to take a stand,…

Greater expectations are needed for outdoor play

At the end of August, the National Children’s Bureau (NCB) launched Greater Expectations – a new report   showing that children, especially those growing up in poverty, are getting a worse deal now than just two generations ago. There are 1 million more children growing up in poverty than there were in 1971. And those who are … Continue reading

Playing Out in Birmingham on National Playday

A guest post by Richard Browne. Birmingham held its first Playing Out sessions on Wednesday 7 August to coincide with this year’s National Playday theme of Playful places. Three roads in the Kings Heath area of the city were temporarily closed to traffic from noon to 4 pm to allow local children to play out … Continue reading

Playing out: My perspective from child to teen

A guest post by Joshua Heinrich. As a child I loved playing outside, I loved exploring, learning and getting dirty, this has continued throughout my adult life due to my passion for geography, which is very much a field based discipline. I loved all forms of outdoor games, from building dens to playing hide and … Continue reading

Street Play – helping communities reconnect with streets

Today we are very proud to announce a three year partnership between Play England, Playing Out, London Play and Bristol University to get kids out playing in their streets, neighbourhoods and the spaces near where they live. This programme is backed by the Department of Health as part of its drive to help children and … Continue reading

Helping kids to play out in Hackney

A guest post by Claudia Draper. As a child of the 1970s, playing out in our quiet cul de sac in leafy Buckinghamshire was just a part of daily life – and for all the other kids on the street too. I remember endless football games (with me stuck in goal), cricket, British Bull Dog … Continue reading

Street play goes primetime!

Lovely blog from our very own Cath Prisk on the back of the amazing coverage for street play on The One Show on Monday – watch again here if you missed it!